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Virtual Classroom Option

Some classes will be offered with a Virtual Classroom Option. A course with the Virtual Classroom Option will meet on at least one of NGTC’s campuses (possibly more) but will also allow those students that would like to participate in the class from home or a location of their choice to do so. Students would still be required to attend during the scheduled meeting time but would not be required to be on campus in a classroom.

Closed Classes with Virtual Classroom Option

If a class with a Virtual Classroom Option is closed, the student will need to contact his/her advisor. The class may not be closed for all campuses or for the Virtual Classroom Option. NGTC advisors will be happy to check on class availability. Please keep in mind that classroom seating is limited due to social distancing guidelines. NGTC is excited to offer the Virtual Classroom Option!!!

Virtual Classroom Option Equipment Requirements

Students participating from home or a location of their choice must have the following equipment: computer with reliable Internet, camera (phone camera may be used), speakers or headset, and microphone. Students participating on campus will be notified by email about the equipment (camera, microphone, headset) requirements to complete the course.

Please remember to check your student e-mail prior to the start of the semester!